Friday, April 18, 2008

Why I love where I live

If someone were to ask me today why I love where I live, I'd tell them this....

I love that I can pull up to a friend's house at 5:30 in the morning, a dog whom I love peering out the window at me, and load up my luggage in the friend's car to head to the airport, where I will catch a flight that leaves at the ungodly early hour of 6:45. Then, walking in to the airport ticket counter, I walk immediately to the front of the line, check my luggage and proceed to security. Having nearly an hour before my flight leaves, I decide to enjoy a little coffee before I endure the long winding line at security. My mocha consumed, I walk up to the security checkpoint and take my place at the end of the line and start slowly moving forward.

A couple of minutes later, I look up to see two familiar faces coming toward me in the line that has doubled-back. It's a retired pastor from the area and her husband. I had lunch with her on Wednesday. They're headed to Germany for two weeks. We chat until the line separates. I continue moving slowly forward, winding my way back and forth a couple of times more when I hear my name in a familiar tenor voice to my right. I don't even have to look. I know it's Mike from church. He's going to New York for a few days of fun. We chat a couple of times when the line's winding brings us together. In between visits with Mike, I meet a couple from church who are can't remember where.

I've never lived anyplace where I regularly meet people I know at the airport. I do love this place!

I'm in Colorado for a couple of days of work and one big day of hiking! Woo Hoo! There's much to think about while I traverse the trails in Rocky Mountain National Park. I met with a minister at my church yesterday to talk about my application for the credentialing process. I don't know what I expected, but he was far more affirming and much less cautious in his enthusiasm about the possibilities than I imagined.

Could it be that ordination will actually happen this time? You'll understand if I'm not quite ready to believe it will just yet.


Marie said...

You make me want to live where you live. Is there an Episcopal seminary there? :) Have fun hiking and all that.

Duane said...

I've had that airport experience here too.

But you've gotta ask yourself: Why is everyone always leaving for the weekend? ;)

(Actually, you don't have to ask--you know.)

Songbird said...

It's like that where I live, too, and I love it!

Katherine E. said...

That's fun.

Have a great time in the mountains!

Mary Beth said...

Wow. I'm here waiting with you.