Monday, January 04, 2010

Back to the office

So today I head back to the office. It feels like it's been a month since I've been there. In reality it's only been about 11 days. The long commute in will help me shift gears to the work that lies ahead for me there. It's going to be busy!

The weather forecast for this week keeps changing. Every time we check it, the lows get lower. With some windchills below zero later this week and the prediction of another snow storm, I'm so glad we managed to get the barn enclosed. As we were working on it yesterday and the day before, we could feel the temperature rise in the barn as we added walls. I hope and pray it keeps the animals warm!

The propane truck comes today. We ran out on Tuesday of last week and have managed pretty well with a couple of small radiator heaters. I'm ready to have the dryer back too. The laundry has been piling up.

We will be getting a wood stove soon. We really prefer to have one for many reasons. For starters, it will help us cut back on the propane we use. It also gives us a good source for heat and for cooking if the electricity goes out, which will no doubt happen some time before winter is over. The wood stove gives me a great sense of security. I'll be glad when we have it in.

All that has happened the past few weeks has made me conscious of how much we rely on energy resources. We are working to be more intentional, again, about how much we use. That means making the most of any trip we make to town so that we can cut back on the number we make each week. It means using the sustainable practices that we know work. And for me, that means living in line with my values, something I can get excited about it.

So while it's cold and I'm headed back to the office this week, I'm coming into this new year humbled by the experiences I had over my break, and ready to practice what I preach. I sure wish they made dress Carharrts. My office is pretty cold. I could sure use some!

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Denise~ said...

While out covering lavender plants today Chris was wearing his Carhart's but he said this "Wool is magic!"

Since you can't wear Carhart's, go wool - all wool.