Friday, April 16, 2010

Sitemeter amusement

Just glanced at my Sitemeter stats and noticed there are a number of people who find my blog by googling "how to introduce a preacher." I'm not sure what's so special about introducing a preacher that drives folks to the interwebs for help, but I have to admit it pleases me that they find a post where I write about the best introduction I've ever heard.

There are a surprising number of folks finding me through searches on things related to dead possums. Those searches take them to a post about my experience with one. This post might actually prove a bit helpful.

I am, however, resisting speculation on why someone in the U.S. House Representatives Information Systems is googling "possum kicking."

1 comment:

Rebecca Ramsey said...

That's hilarious!
I keep finding that people find my blog by googling "what a gallstone looks like," and I have no idea and hope I never learn.
I should have never compared a jar of candied chestnuts to a specimen jar of gallstones. I've been haunted ever since. :)