Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Studies in language

Two days. Two scenes. Two moments captured in a single phrase...

Day 1: Scene 1:

I visited with a prospective student who came in with chewing tobacco in his lip.

Oh, yes. He did.

He is finishing a bachelor's degree and wanted to know if he used the university's exchange agreement with us to take a class at the seminary in the fall, would it also count toward his master's degree when he begins study with us. To which I said, "Oh, no. We don't allow double-dipping."

Oh, yes. I did.

Day 2: Scene 2:

While in chapel we sang a hymn this morning, the words to which were printed on the order of service so that we didn't need hymnals. Most of the hymn was lost on me when my mind stuck with an accidental phrase, a reference to "heeling love." I laughed at first, imagining love like a loyal, obedient dog. But then I was moved. What a marvelous image to picture love's step-for-step, constant presence, always keeping pace however fast or slow I might move.


Songbird said...

I'm amazed by that first story.

Terminal Degree said...

The dipping comment cracked me up!

PPB said...

I love the image of God heeling. I've been thinking about it all day.

Yankee T said...

Oh,yes. You did. And I love you for it.

Marie said...

Love both of these. Love the way you think!