Thursday, November 08, 2007

Coming up for air

I'm alive and kickin'! Just busy....
  • Traveling...for work
  • Not saying "no" to opportunities at church
  • Preparing to be on a panel in between showings of this film at the local independent theater this weekend
  • Preparing a lecture for the pastoral care class at the seminary next week
  • Running
  • Spending Saturdays at the farm (well, the last three weeks, anyway)
Hope you're well.


jo(e) said...

Hey, stranger.

My November's been busy too.

PPB said...

That film rocks. You're going to be a great panel member (bring tissues).

Linda said...

Hey, Jo(e)!

PPB- I accepted the invitation to be on the panel in large part due to your recommendation of the film on your blog several weeks ago.

Songbird said...

Sounds great!

Marie said...

Hey!! I've been pretty blog absent too, so it's good to hear from you. How was the film and the panel? I want to see that soooooo badly. Go figure that it's not coming anywhere nearby.