Thursday, February 28, 2008

Columbia River Gorge


concretegodmother said...

hey, you had a nice, clear day. i love the gorge. was it windy?

J said...

Those are great pictures, L!

Linda said...

CGM- It was remarkably clear the whole time I was there. When I drove back north to head to the gorge on Tuesday, I could see Mt. Hood and Mt. St. Helen's perfectly. It was surreal. I've never been to Portland when I could see either one of's always been too cloudy and rainy. Another recruiter went skiing near Mt. Hood on Tuesday evening. She said from the chairlift she could see Mt. Hood, Mt. St. Helen's, AND Mt. Ranier. Amazing!

The wind wasn't bad, to my surprise. It was breezy, but tolerable with just a lightweight fleece on. Again, an unusual experience! The same was true at the coast....mild and breezy, but calm and warm enough that I didn't need to cover my ears. :)