Friday, July 27, 2007

Introvert much?

The past week was busy. The assembly meeting for the denomination with which the seminary where I work is affiliated was a great opportunity for me to meet prospective students and others who know of possible students. For five days straight I worked 10 to 12 hours, a large portion of the time spent talking to people at the seminary booth in the exhibit hall, at a dinner and luncheon sponsored by the seminary, during a workshop I led, and over meals with colleagues and friends.

I managed the week really well. I returned to my hotel room relatively early each evening, though I did spend much of the time before bed on the phone. I ate well, drank plenty of water, and got up most mornings to run or walk. My energy level stayed pretty steady throughout the week, which, frankly, is a new experience for me at these things. In fact, I found the face-to-face time relatively energizing. It was a great week!

I returned late Wednesday night and went into the office yesterday. I was starting to wear out at that point, but kept my energy level up to visit with a prospective student who came to campus yesterday afternoon. I went out to dinner with some friends last night.

This morning I got up early to run, and after I returned and took a shower, I crashed and burned. I laid back down to sleep for a bit and woke up two hours later. I had a headache that made me nauseous. I got up to eat a little bit, answer some e-mail, and read. I fell asleep for another hour. I went out for a late lunch and came home exhausted. I read for a bit and then fell asleep for another three hours. My mom called and woke me up. We chatted for awhile, then I did some grocery shopping, and shopping for new shorts (smaller size again!!!!), then came home to a long phone conversation. The headache finally went away around 8:00 this evening, and I feel fine now, but to my surprise, I'm ready to go to sleep now. I guess it all caught to me today. Having a day to myself has helped tremendously.

Tomorrow, I'm getting up early to try to run 4 miles. It will be the longest I've run so far. Later in the morning, I'm going hiking with a new friend I met a few weeks ago. I hope after that to get some cleaning done in my apartment, and to write some about last week.

It's good to be home.


PPB said...

You're going running---a long distance---and hiking in the same morning? Girl, what are we going to do with you?

Preacher Mom said...

Just the thought of being "on" that many hours, that many days in a row, gives me a headache! I'm glad you managed so well and that your post-activity crash-and-burn was for one day only. I'd probably still be under a rock!

Congrats on the running progress! That is wonderful!

Katherine E. said...

Good to have you blogging again! Glad the week was so energizing, Linda.

Jan said...

Wow--what an energetic one you were all week! And running so long--wow! Glad you got the reward to buying smaller shorts. Hope you're feeling better.

Marie said...

Missed you in the blogosphere, but glad it was a reasonably good week. I'm incredibly impressed with your stamina; I'm sure I would have crashed sooner.