Thursday, July 05, 2007

Dear Mom

Dear Mom,

I went to the doctor today for my well woman exam. My organs? Still normal.


P.S. And the cough that you don't know about? It's most likely allergy-related and may be early stages of asthma.


Songbird said...

Linda, you are too funny.
The Princess had one of those draggy coughs, spring into summer, a couple of years ago, and took about two months of allergy medication. She has never needed it again. Hope you'll find it's the same!

Jan said...

Glad you took care of yourself by going to the doctor. Positive thinking--now that you have been checked out as "well." Allergies keep on and on though. Good luck.

cheesehead said...

I needed this laugh today!

Marie said...

Hysterical. Glad to know that the "organs" are okay!! Hope Songbird's allergy wish comes true.

PPB said...

I dare you to write her.

J said...


the reverend mommy said...

Good thing the organs still work. Are they Hammond or Lowry? I particularly like Toccata and Fugue in D Minor.