Sunday, January 27, 2008

The ultimate miracle

When people began to arrive..., it seemed the ultimate miracle, to have good people love you, freaked-out, self-centered mess that you were.

The line above is from the novel Blue Shoe by Anne Lamott. It comes at the end of the book and is used to refer to how the main character, Mattie, felt as her friends gathered with her for her birthday. The book is the story of her growing acceptance of her own inconsistencies and quirks and the messiness of life.

I know how she feels.

A group of friends joined me at a restaurant tonight for dinner. There was decent food, and a lot of laughter, and I enjoyed it immensely. I feel truly blessed in this place. It all feels pretty overwhelming at times. It is, I think, the ultimate miracle.


Anonymous said...

I like that book, too. And your real life re-enactment of it is lovely.

Marie said...

Beautiful miracle.

Jan said...