Monday, April 09, 2007

A request

A colleague of mine, Gary, and his wife, Cheri, are adopting a baby from Guatemala. Eliana Elizabeth was born in September. Cheri has been living in Antigua since December, providing Eliana's foster care while the adoption process is completed. Shortly after Cheri arrived in Antigua, Eliana's case was kicked out of the normal process because of a problem with the official documents needed to finalize the adoption. You can get the details from their blog, Sunflowers and Lady Bugs. Eliana and her family are not the only ones in this situation. Recently, a bid was made to submit a court petition on behalf of several families together in hopes that they might get a quicker response to the situation. Last week, a decision was made to drop the group petition, and work on each case individually, the "slow train" approach as they called it. This means that the earliest Eliana would come home is three to five months.

Gary and Cheri have set up a new regular blog post showing the pictures of and info on children in Guatemala who have run into difficulties completing the adoption process. It will be a regular weekly feature on the blog. Every Friday, Cheri will post about the Previo Prayer Babies. I am asking you to show your support by doing two things for these families waiting for the day when they can bring their children back to their homes. One, if you are moved by their story and are willing, please commit to pray for them on a regular basis. Two, leave a comment on the Previo Prayer Babies post letting them know of your support and commitment. I admit to not really knowing how prayer works, but have witnessed enough of the difference it can make simply in supporting those in difficult situations. The commitment of others to be with them in this way will make a difference. I hope you will join me in praying for these children and their families.

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