Friday, April 20, 2007

Who's who?

Well, PPB finally got to Toronto today! I walked into the plenary session this afternoon intent on finding someone from the earlier breakout session so I could ask her a question when PPB walked up to me. I swear I looked at her for like five minutes before I recognized her. Sheesh. And she was afraid she wouldn't recognize me, what with the weight loss and all. It's not that I didn't recognize her. It's just that she wasn't who I was looking for at that exact moment. Really, I can be dense. It's okay.

So, anyway, we listened to this school president pontificate talk about how he saved his institution from bankruptcy and how he turned to some woman on staff there to ask her what she thought needed to be fixed and she made him a long list that he carried around with him and whenever he needed to know what was going on at the place, he asked her, and I wondered, "Why didn't they just make her the president?" After I had that thought, I didn't really hear anything else he said. PPB seemed to pay closer attention. She's a better conference person than I am, I guess. But, I digress.

While PPB and I were in the middle of the plenary, she discovered that we have the same shoes, and after she pointed it out to me and we checked to see that they were indeed the same brand, she turned to me and said, "There's our blog photo." The only camera we had before we headed off to change into more comfortable clothes and for me to put on my Birkenstocks (no, it's not too early for them!) was my cellphone. So, here you have a crappy cellphone photo of our matching shoes.

Can you guess which foot/shoe belongs to whom?

And for those who are wondering, there were indeed cleavage issues here tonight.

But they weren't PPB's this time.


seeker said...

I'm guessing PPB's is on the left and I can't wait to read your post about cleavage issues. Will there be nude blogging at this conference or do you need Jo(e) for that to happen?

Sue said...

What a great photo!

I have no idea who's who, but I'm glad you're having a good time.

While you're in Canada, don't forget to pick up some Smarties (chocolate covered candies, way better than M&Ms) - I don't think they are widely available in the US.

Linda said...

No nude blogging, Seeker. We were with a bunch of theological educators. Not exactly the crowd to go for nude blogging.

Sue- Darn. I didn't think to get some while I was there. But that shouldn't be of great concern. I'm moving to Canada. I have no idea how or when, but damn it, I'm moving there.

Marie said...

I'll move with you. I love Canada.