Saturday, May 05, 2007

All's well

I went one state over to hear a good friend and colleague do a series of lectures on Christic Heart for chaplains and other pastoral care givers. It's the first pastoral care thing I've done since I left the hospital last August. It was fun to be around chaplains again. And my friend has an amazing way of convincing me not to let go of all of the heavy theological language and images from scripture. I wasn't sure he could convince me this time, but he did. The lectures were very good!

One of the chaplains told me about a park that he recommends for running, so I got up early enough yesterday to go out there. It was beautiful. Everything was so lush and green. I saw a lot of birds I don't see in town when I run...yellow finches and bluebirds and I don't know what all. I saw a bunch of rabbits too. It was a lovely way to start the day.

Today I'm going back to the state next to us to hike with a group of people from the new member's class at church. It promises to be an adventurous day. They've been giving me a hard time about my extreme organizational skills. I had to apologize because I realized I was planning the trip just like I did an excursion for college students back in the day when I did campus ministry. I wonder what they'll do when I make them go to the bathroom before we leave. The guy driving the van in which I'm riding has promised to lead us in the singing of showtunes during our ride to and from the park. I don't think he's kidding either.

I went to a fabulous service at church last night, full of music and drama and a great message, reminding me of a truth that became evident to me when I lived in Korea and which opened up the possibility for me to question the faith with which I grew up.

Life is good. Hope it is your part of the world too.


PPB said...

Glad things are good!

Iris said...

I get to hear that concert tomorrow afternoon. It's so great that the Presbys and the UU's can get together like this.

Glad "all's well!"