Sunday, May 20, 2007

On being irrelevant

I don't blog about politics, primarily because there are others who write about these things far more intelligently and eloquently than I could ever hope to. But, this is a bit of news I can't resist commenting on.

Apparently Jimmy Carter recently made some remarks in an interview for an Arkansas newspaper in which he calls Bush the worst president in history. Of course, I can't agree more myself, but it does seem unusually bold for Carter. I'm not complaining, mind you.

But what just slays me is the White House response. Apparently the best they could come up with was to say Carter is "increasingly irrelevant."

Increasingly irrelevant? What the hell kind of slam is that? Totally made me laugh.

Read about it here.


Iris said...

Increasingly irrelevant!?! Where the hell do they get off saying that? I suppose that peacemaking would be irrelevant to the likes of them.

(Sorry, I've spent the day not saying what I really want to say and I can't take it anymore.)

Linda said...

No apologies necessary, Iris.

Rev Dr Mom said...

Irrelevant because he won the Nobel Peace Prize?

Or irrelevant because his legacy as a humanitarian and peacemaker post-presidency is one Bush will never be able to match?

Or irrelevant because he is better respected than Bush many places?

Or irrelevant because he has the courage to speak and act on his convictions?

Ha! Bush should be so "increasingly irrelevant!"

Linda said...

Exactly, RDM. I think it's really pretty ironic that was their choice of words in response. It only reveals that Bush is becoming increasingly absurd, a reality I honestly didn't think was possible.

PPB said...

I'm guessing that the guy who knew how to use the dictionary didn't come to the office that morning. So old bushy boy had to open to a page and point.

A. Christensen Johnson said...
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Yankee T said...

what said.