Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Go. Read. Now.

I was really shy about letting people I know in real life find out about my blog when I first started it a couple of years ago. Eventually, I told a couple of friends and they started reading. One of those friends already had a blog; the other just started hers.

Katherine and I started the PhD program nine years ago (shhhh! We don't talk about how long ago that was!). She wrote her dissertation about the authentic self in the postmodern world. I remember her consistent voice throughout the program critiquing the fragmentation that is often characteristic of postmodernity. It's a voice I didn't always get when I was in coursework with her, a fact which makes a great deal more sense to me now, knowing how terribly fragmented I was in those days. I'm a believer in authenticity now, and that is in no small part to the consistency of her argument throughout our work together.

She's a pastor, a spiritual director and pastoral counselor, and now.... She has a blog! Go. Read. Now: Meaning and Authenticity. She's feeling rather adventurous about the blogging thing, so welcome her to the blogosphere and add her to your blog roll. You'll appreciate her great writing, deep thought, and thoughtful ideas.


Katherine said...

Linda, thanks.
You know I've been a FAN of Against-a-Brick-Wall from the beginning. Your realness and your amazing writing are inspiring!

Yankee T said...

You know I always do as I'm told. I'm going. Now.

Marie said...

I went, I read, I loved, I added to Sage. Thanks for the tip.