Monday, August 27, 2007

Monday random thoughts of clearing cobwebs from the Brick Wall

The blog appears to be all but forgotten. I fear it will continue to suffer neglect, but I'm not really sorry about that. Even if I was, I wouldn't apologize. I've apologized at least two too many times in the last 24 hours. And I'm not sorry about that either.

It's BUSY around these parts, but I feel the need to point out that the end of the week marks the first anniversary of my move to this fair city. Do I need to remind you that I love it here? I didn't think so.

I ended my 3-mile run (well, there was a break in the middle of it) hardly winded today. The key? Eating more calories and protein. I've been starving myself, I guess. Not intentionally, mind you. I just hadn't adjusted for the increased activity. Feels pretty good to be running strong again!

On Friday, L. and I will join two friends on a 7-acre sustainable farm for a few days of attempting to keep things going while the owners of the farm have a much needed vacation together. Yes, you read that right. The owners are leaving town. In their absence, we will feed goats and chickens, milk goats, check tomatoes in the garden and eat the ripe ones (well, I won't, but the others might. Eat them, that is. I don't like raw tomatoes. But I'm not sorry about that either.) T and J have been thoroughly trained in the chores. L. and I will learn when we get there. Clearly, there will be stories to tell. Stay tuned.

For the small role I play in a required class here, I have been named "adjunct faculty." That means I get to process with the faculty at convocation tomorrow. Wearing full academic regalia. Since I don't have even partial academic regalia, I tried on a robe that a retired minister donated to the seminary today. When I put it on and stuck my hands in the pockets, I pulled out an old handkerchief, wadded tissue, and an assortment of throat lozenges. I think the President and Dean were as grossed out by it as I was. For this grand occasion, I will pose as a Disciples of Christ minister, wearing a master's hood from my PhD school, which fortunately has the same colors as my master's school, as every school I've ever attended has the same colors (purple and white!). I really need to finish that PhD so I can have a good excuse to get my own duds. Or be ordained. Or both. Did I say that?

I'm taking a week of vacation starting a week from Wednesday. I'm planning to head off to a lake cabin (owned by L.'s family) and work on my dissertation to see if I can actually expect to be able to write before I petition to be re-admitted. How luxurious does it sound to be headed off to a cabin to write? Have I mentioned that I love it here? I thought so.


Songbird said...

You said that! You said that!

Linda said...

It doesn't concern you that the only reason I mentioned it is because I want to look proper for the academic procession? ;-)

PPB said...

Okay, I'll name the elephant in the room. When do we get to meet Leigh? Do we get to take votes of approval or disproval? Does she practice good dental hygiene? eat carrots? balance her checkbook? play the piano? What are her intentions toward you? honorable? does she blog? and the big one: is she worthy of you?

I mean, you're going off on a farm where there will be raw vegetables and we hardly know the woman.

Linda said...

Um, okay. Leigh is a friend whom I met through her mother, someone I worked with the first two months I was here. We've been hanging out since May. She's an artist, currently working as a graphic designer, who I hope will someday teach, perhaps private or group lessons, because her face postively lights up the world when she starts talking about the experiences she's had teaching, kids especially. She does not blog. In fact, she's a perfect luddite, having no computer at home [shudder] nor any real desire to use one for anything more than basic functions. She has perfect dental hygeine, a huge point in her favor. She does eat carrots, among other things, but she hates pepper, a serious point against her. :) Her checkbook is balanced as far as I know, and she's had piano lessons, though I'm not sure when she last played. Her intentions are completely honorable. We truly are just hanging out right now, though there are not a few people here who would argue that point vehemently. I remain unmoved in the argument, as does she. We are of the mind that if we can concentrate on friendship and do that really well, the rest will come naturally in good time.

Now, has no one noticed that I said four of city girls have been entrusted with a farm? Do you not find that disturbing? Humorous? Confusing?

JM said...

PPB missed the most important question of all:

dogs or cats?

jo(e) said...

I for one am truly worried about them farm animals.

timna said...

I think the animals will survive. you're doing this for how long?

Linda said...

JM- She has neither, but she loves both.

Jo(e)- Yes, them farm animals don't know what's coming!

timna- Tonight I learned some of the goats may have worms in their lungs. That sounds positively tragic to me, but apparently it's not. Leigh and I will be there from Fri night to Sunday morning. The other two will be there for a couple more days.

I guess some of your concern could be appropriately tempered by the fact that J, T, and I all broke into a rousing round of "Where, Where Are You Tonight?" from Hee Haw on the way home from dinner the other night. Perhaps there's enough country in us to last a weekend. :)

Marie said...

Oh my, so much to say! Finally, PPB asked the question! Thank you PPB! And I agree with Songbird: You DID say it! You DID! I have so little interest in/knowledge about farm animals that I really didn't even consider their welfare in this whole thing. I was, however interested in the whole apologizing thing and I had been thinking of emailing you to see if you'd fallen off the planet. Glad that you haven't. You sound SOOO happy. Thrilling, really. Oh, and I don't eat raw tomatoes either. That is all.

SpookyRach said...


Yankee T said...

I'm glad you're happy. You deserve it. The farm animals? Not so lucky. Have fun.