Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Running partner

Lately when my friend and I run in the mornings, a fox runs alongside us, guarding the den from my friend's dog. The dog is really not much of a threat, but the fox doesn't know that. She runs in a wavy pattern through the park alongside us, getting sometimes within two or three feet of us. As she runs, she barks at us. When we reach the end of her territory, she stops and watches to be sure we keep going the other direction.

J., the official wildlife photographer, got some pictures of the fox in the park. She posted one here. Isn't she cute?

ETA: Here's a picture of some of the wildlife in my own house. PPB asked for an occasional picture of her namesake, PPBob. Here she is trying to interrupt my morning routine...


jo(e) said...

I am envious that you get to see so much of a fox! We have one in our woods but I've only seen him once.

What a cute cat photo.

JM said...

PPBob needs a little thought bubble above her head: "treat?"

At least that's what my cats would be thinking.

Then again, they think about treats _all day long_.

Sue said...

Great pic of ppbob!

Serena said...

ppbob shares some of my Christopher's tricks .. great picture!