Monday, December 10, 2007


After our little jaunt through downtown big city south of here, we returned home to ice in our fair city this afternoon. When I say ice, I don't mean a little coating of it here and there. I mean ice so thick the view of this city is transformed for good. Trees are down everywhere. Power is out to over 200,000 customers. The streets aren't icy, but they're littered with limbs and downed power lines. Standing outside, the breaking limbs sound like gunshots. Sirens can be heard all over town, and in some locations there's a dull roar of generators running. It will be some time before the city returns to anything resembling normal.

We went to my apartment first. I checked on PPBob, made sure she was warm enough and well cared for, then unpacked and repacked my bag. Everything at my place is fine, except for the fact that there is no power. We went to my friend T's place from there. Trees were down all over their yard. One limb fell with such force onto a power line that it ripped the electrical box off the side of the house. I fear it will be a long while before they can return home. I watched as a limb fell across the street onto the church van. We loaded up her car with her dog and stuff and headed over to her mom's, where there is power and heat.

We are safe and sound, full of good warm food and content with a wireless network set up to accommodate all of our internet habits. Classes are canceled at the seminary tomorrow, but I may have to go in to work. We'll see when the morning comes.

The ice hit where my mom lives too. She's been without power since yesterday early morning. Fortunately, my nephew drove down from Kansas City to pick her up and take her back to his place. I was worried about her, but there wasn't anything I could do. I don't much like that feeling. My nephew just called to say they arrived safely at his place. I'm so relieved to know she's safe with someone who can look out for her.

Click here for a slide show from the local paper. It's really very surreal.


concretegodmother said...

So much damage and destruction! But you have to admit, from a purely visual standpoint, it's beautiful, everything coated with translucent crystal! A big go-girl to the post-office lady, too!

jo(e) said...

Wow. Those photos are incredible.

It's both beautiful and terrible.

I'm glad you're safe and warm.

Yankee T said...

Holy Frozen Tree Limbs, Batman!
Seconding the "safe and warm" wishes from jo(e)