Thursday, December 06, 2007

Pre-half-marathon randomness

The half-marathon is in three days! We ran 12 miles on Saturday, half of which was into 30-mile-per-hour winds, so I'm hopeful we'll make it on Sunday. I'm glad we're headed south of here. There's a chance of freezing rain in my fair city on Sunday. That would not be optimal running weather!

My mind is about as scattered as the weather these days. I'm swamped at work. I'm in the middle of the usual holiday blues that I'd hoped to do more than endure this year. It's just that this time of year seems to be a good time for the demons of past mistakes and discontent to set in. I predict by January, they'll be gone.

There's a post brewing about attachment and this time of year, but it's not ready yet. I'm conscious of my desire to be somewhere else, not in terms of my actual living situation, but somewhere else financially, somewhere else in my relationship status, somewhere else with family, somewhere else with work. If it sounds like discontent, you'd be right. So my new mantra is "Everyday, do the work you have." I need to get my attention back on to what's here now, in front of me, instead of wishing I were somewhere else.


Mary Beth said...

Or as the alcoholics say, "Do the next right thing."

Good luck in the race! Woohoo!

Songbird said...

You are so awesome! (I can run a little bit now, too. But just a little.)

Susan O said...


Katherine E. said...

Wow, a marathon. Half-marathon. Lordy, Linda, Lordy. I bet you're skinny as a rail!! I hope it goes well.

And I hope the holidays are easier than you expect...

Jiff said...

So awesome!
I've enjoyed discovering your blog!

seeker said...

Somehow I missed that you were running a half-marathon this coming weekend. First of all good luck, I'm sure you'll do fantastic. Second, try to stick to your own pace. It's tempting when you're surrounded by a crowd of folks to want to run faster but be gentle on your body. Third, don't forget to talk to the folks around you since it helps pass the time.

Linda said...

Mary Beth- Exactly and thanks!

Songbird- Thanks and congrats to you. Feels pretty good, doesn't it!!!

Susan- Thanks!

Katherine- Not skinny, but a little lighter than when you saw me this summer. And, thanks!

Jiff- Welcome! Hope you'll come back. Regular writing on the blog is a goal for the new year.

Seeker- Thanks for the good wishes and advice. I'm running with a good friend from here. We've been training together. She does a great job of pace-setting and keeping me from dying of boredom! :)

Marie said...

Love your new mantra. And I can't wait for that post. And since I'm a little late to the party, hurrah for the half-marathon!